sarah hale folger 9 - OH NO! I didn't get the memo!

Who said life after 50 was the beginning of the countdown to the end?-how morbid!

I cringe when I hear people talking about life as though it is almost over and they are just in their 50’s. I mean, I know 80 year olds who put me to shame and never stop moving and trying new things!  That’s the ticket!  Refusing to accept that you are old, at least in your mind! What is age anyway? I know, I know, excuses, excuses. Well, if you could decide what team you played on would it be the winning team, or the losing team?  It’s all in the mental approach.  It’s hard, I know, I have struggled with emotional pain most of my life for various reasons. You have to put your foot down at some point on one side or the other.  Either you win or you lose.  It’s that simple.  Now I feel it coming, all the really sad stories out there which are true and valid.  Real sicknesses, real trauma… you are not those I am speaking to with these words.  Hugs to those of you who are there right now, I can only say from experience, I want you to make it across that tumultuous stream you have fallen into against your will.  May love come to you in some form and carry you safely to the other side!! Hugs! But for those of you who are lazy, fatigued or lacking inspiration for your own life I say, STOP doing that!  It’s no fun, wrong team!

sarah hale folger 4 - OH NO! I didn't get the memo!


I have spent most of my life trying to make other people happy and making my happiness contingent on theirs. There are many reasons why and none of them really matter in the end, I am who I am.

I was raised in a family that ran a non-profit for wildlife, dear God that is the story that needs more voices to tell than just mine. Sooner or later I will be interviewing as many willing participants in my family as I can arm wrestle into submission!

I also spent many years working for other non-profits.  So I understand giving till you are running on fumes, but love fills up your tank! But in your 50’s you say to yourself, “Self, time to take care of you! Cheers to you!” And Self says, “Cheers back at ya! and Cheers to the ones I love!” I’m jumping into the universe!!

sarah hale folger 3 - OH NO! I didn't get the memo!

But I digress, what I really want to say is that I will be writing fast and furious when the mood strikes.  I have always had lots to say and there will most likely be misspelled words, so forgive me ahead of time!  I remember my Uncle once telling me that as a little girl I was always curious and asking questions. This still rings true. I will be posting my interviews as they unfold as well, I can’t wait!

So here I am, living on the edge of uncertainty, letting go of fear and positioning myself to view the true beauty all around me. You see, the way I look at it, I know the human brain tends to focus on the negative. Just look at the news and the storylines of movies! Death, mayhem, fear, oh no! Someone save us! I say, like a salmon, go against the stream and reach for the higher perspective and save yourself! Its time to get happy!!

sarah hale folger 11 - OH NO! I didn't get the memo!

You in?  I am, and I am cheering for you too!!!!

Stay with me, I have no idea where I am going moment to moment, but I am leaning towards an image I have in my mind.  It’s one that takes the lemons and makes lemonade! It’s green pastures and adventure on the way!  I can see me on a white horse with my sword raised to the sky! My horse has wings! I will fly, I will be free!

So if you are with me on this journey , yeah!  Join me in saying what my favorite childhood book said to do and say-“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!” Yes, we too can be like the little engine that could!!!

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