dsc05220 - The Power of the Red Dress

So here I am, 53, the mother of 3 amazingly beautiful daughters, and 3 fabulous grandchildren. Did you hear my heart go BOOM, boom, BOOM, boom, BOOM? These giant blessings in my life are my greatest gifts. Yet here I am in my middle years, imagining myself with my sword brandished high!! (The pen is mightier than the sword, so it is my sword, well okay, it’s a keyboard not an actual pen, but you get my meaning!!) I find myself embarking on a new career, which is taking all my life’s experiences and making something magical appear from that soil. At least that is the goal!!  Seriously, I may be crazy, I certainly am flying by the seat of my pants, but hey you know I’ve heard it said, “Jump and the net will appear!” Well, I’ve jumped out into the universe 3 times in less than 2 years. Part of that was I left a job I loved and went through skin cancer radiation treatment, which really rocked my mental world and not to mention made me feel weak and lost. I arose out of all this with a renewed awakening.  My perspective just totally shifted. I mean when I think back at all the phases of my life, I feel like a cat with 9 lives. I refuse to count what numbered life I am on now because I am hoping I have a few left in me!  But seriously, when you cry and sweat and agonize,over life’s upsetting  events and then you cross over to the other side, you say, hey I’m happy to be on this planet and I want to choose to be happy, successful and to take all the lessons I have learned and make something fun and exciting come from it all.

As this blog goes on I am sure my old stories will resurrect and new ones will emerge.  There is nothing I hate more than negativity, panic and doubt! ARGHHHH!!! If I were a super hero I would slay all those nasty villains! So this is why I am focused on the power color red today.  As my 50+ modeling shoots emerge  I will use some of the images to empower you to find the inner goddess in you and to bring her forth!!! Someone once told me after I got off a stage where my old band had played, that it was dangerous for me to wear a red dress. LOL!  Well, I never thought red was a color I should wear but after that comment I encourage you too to purposefully wear something red and have your own dangerous photo shoot!!  Being an artist, I am a big lover of color.  I will use the various meanings of the color red to describe the photos I have selected. (Thanks to JENNIFER BOURN)

In different cultures red carries different meanings. In some cultures, red represents purity, joy, and celebration and is a traditional color worn by brides. In China, red is used for good luck and represents happiness and prosperity. In South Africa, red is the color of mourning and in Russia red is associated with communism because in history, they used a red flag when they overthrew the Tsar. In the United States, red, when combined with white and blue represent patriotism and pride of country. (Well,that was interesting!)



The color red is a highly visible color that is able to focus attention quickly and get people to make quick decisions, which is one of the reasons fire trucks and fire engines are usually painted red. Flashing red lights mean danger or emergency, while stop signs and stop lights use the color red to alert drivers about the dangers of the intersection. (Better look out when you see red!)

dsc05240 - The Power of the Red Dress

Too much red causes loss of temper, agitation, anger, and overbearing, demanding, and oppressive behaviors. Too little red causes lethargic, cautious, whiny, and manipulative feelings. To get out of control emotions under control add green, the opposite of red. To get rid of exhaustion, add more red. (I mean, I think we may be putting a lot of power to control in color, wouldn’t you say?)

dsc05230 - The Power of the Red Dress

Red, the color of blood and fire, is associated with meanings of love, passion, desire, heat, longing, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, romance, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, willpower, rage, anger, danger, malice, wrath, stress, action, vibrance, radiance, and determination. (Wow, talk about yin and yang!!!)

dsc05219 - The Power of the Red Dress

The color red is an intense color that is packed with emotion ranging from passionate, intense love to anger and violence — representing both cupid and the devil. It is a hot, strong, stimulating color that represents excitement and energy.

dsc05237 - The Power of the Red Dress

Studies show that the color red can create physical effects such as elevated blood pressure, enhanced libido, increased respiratory rates, enhanced metabolism, increased enthusiasm, higher levels of energy, and increased confidence.

dsc05234 - The Power of the Red Dress

Red is assertive, daring, determined, energetic, powerful, enthusiastic, impulsive, exciting, and aggressive. Red represents physical energy, lust, passion, and desire. It symbolizes action, confidence, and courage. The color red is linked to the most primitive physical, emotional, and financial needs of survival and self-preservation.


dsc05236 - The Power of the Red Dress

So listen ladies of a certain age, whatever it takes for you to become all you were meant to be, lies within you!!  We were all dealt a certain hand, it’s up to us to choose to play that hand, to trade in some cards, or to fold.  What will it be?  I suggest highly that we dig deep and come up positive!  I know life can be terrifying and we never really know what we are doing, there are just too many variables.  But stick with me and come on my journey with me!  I am simply taking the next step each day that I awake and then the one after that.  Stop believing whatever set of lies it is you tell yourself and if you are a positive woman with something to give please post a comment!  If you are down in the dumps its pretty clear that even if the only red thing you own is a dish towel, find away to tuck it in and wear it, go stand in front of a mirror, put some red lipstick on and smile at yourself, or at least laugh at yourself!  Its time to go for the red!  Remember ladies, you want to develop those brass ovaries!  It’s your precious life, don’t let anything stop you from fighting for the best one it can be!!

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