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I don’t care where you are in the food chain

Or on the social plane

From mole to elephant

From shark to sloth

There lies one truth

All desire to live free

All want to feel safe

The hierarchy of needs must be met

In order to reach the highest level

Of pure, unadulterated creativity

One’s true self uncovered

By shedding survival mode

By focusing ones attention

On that just out of reach concept

Meditating on the potential

The thought that started it off

That merged with the gut instinct

Wanting desperately to reach the pinnacle

Where it all comes together

Where the excess is shed

The fluff not needed

The purest form of thought

Of creativity not distracted by angst

Where the reason for existence

Comes into view

It takes training few will attempt

Much too easy to be complacent

How many will find their destiny

How many will leave while it is dark

To forage and find

The soul cries for renewal

It is silenced by addictions

Walls are constructed

To silence the call

Weapons are developed

To silence the prophets

Who will hear the call

Who will wake up when the night comes

Who will rise and dress

In wardrobes which define

The will of the souls intent

Held back by those who sleep

When they should wake up before the night comes

Work to find the meaning while it is day

For the light is a gift to see

The routines are set

The pace is insane

The world it whizzes by

But things will not stay the same

They will change on a dime

Leave us all strewn and trapped

We are naive and divided

As families, friends and nations

The media paints our minds

We speak no longer from the source

Time to search the heart

We are not all the same yet we are all equal

Time to find what we came here for

Set our eyes upward

Focus on what is important

Before the night comes


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