Sarah Hale Folger/ Tina MeloIf you love kids, and you love fashion then take a closer look at Tina Melo.  I met Tina yesterday in her studio in Lincoln where she teaches fashion design to children as young as 5 years old!  These kids have designed there own clothing lines and created them for this fabulous event!

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Tina is one of the most passionate people I have ever met.  She has a vision to make a difference in the world in the lives of the kids that she teaches, and the ones she advocates for.


These kids are learning all about the fashion industry and will be experts in it long before they are adults!!!


Tina was contacted last year and asked if she would help advocate for children who are being abused.  The Indigo Justice Project has been a passionate pursuit of Tina’s ever since.


Check out this short video of my brief conversation with Tina! And below you will find a link to purchase tickets for this amazing event!!

To purchase tickets please follow this link and we hope to see you Saturday night!!!!

Purchase tickets here:

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