I was sitting quietly at my desk in my apartment thinking far too much about things that are beyond my control and wondering what the secret is to balancing life. At the end of the day, you do what can be done in the course of that day.  It’s a joke really, you never finish the list and you do things that weren’t on it. And then it happened.. Nature trumped my overthinking, analyzing brain!  THANK GOD!!!

IMG 0616 - A Sunset For the Soul

I saw bright colors coming through my window and realized while I was contemplating things that were tying my head in a knot, the beautiful sky was painting a beautiful sunset as if to say, Sarah, look what I can do! Come drink in the cocktail I’m brewing!!

IMG 0605 - A Sunset For the Soul

Just like that I ran outside and stood under the sky in wonder!! This is to be celebrated!!! I spent 15 minutes outside and realized, nothing else mattered in that moment!

IMG 0604 - A Sunset For the Soul

Standing under a majestic sky, I had only one response…..THANK YOU!!!! Thank you, God, thank you Universe of majestic proportions!!! Thanks for putting things in order.  I’m so glad I am not a mole, blind and underground. I am so glad that when my striving nature has me buried in a hole, that I can remember, I am not blind! I can remember, and so can you! The sky is calling!

IMG 0609 - A Sunset For the Soul

It reminds me that the bigger picture trumps my greatest efforts by just being what it is, stellar!! The day begins with a sunrise to remind us that each day has unending possibilities of beauty, and each one is different. It’s a fleeting moment that leads to a day of strong sun, or clouds or rain or snow or sleet or who knows what? There are so many possibilities! We cannot control one bit of it, only what we choose to do during that time.

IMG 0625 - A Sunset For the Soul

Then it reminds us once more that the day closes, the world turns, we are like little vapors, little tiny particles, but important enough to be here, and cognitive enough to know we have choices on how to be alive. I say, let’s live to the fullest! Be joyful every moment you can, the night falls on us all and we all must be in the dark at times. So when nature speaks to the soul, listen to the lessons it teaches. Be content, be blown away by the beauty in it and in each other. Let the darkness find you warmed by the memory of the sunrises and sunsets.

That’s my contemplative muse, take it or leave it and by all means leave a thought of your own!  I love to hear from you, out there under the same sky, different address to be sure.

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2 Comments on “A Sunset For the Soul

  1. And if you forget we are the chosen ones
    Turn your eyes to the attention of the morning sun
    Wherever you go, however you move
    The light is gonna shine directly to you
    Let it shine on you

    • That is so beautiful! Don’t know how I missed seeing this!!! Thanks for sending this reply!

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