The sun will rise each and every day to remind you that each day is brand new and full of infinite potential. As humans I feel we get so caught up on surviving, or just the hustle and bustle of family life, business life, friendships, work, drama etc., that we oftentimes miss the most obvious and powerful fact of living, that is it a magnificent privilege to be alive. When the sun rises, it absolutely is calling us to rise with it!

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Notice the fisherman squeezing some time in before the sun even rose to strive for the catch.  What motivates someone to get out of bed and fish before dawn?  Perhaps the heart of a fisherman knows more than most just how much nature holds the key to contentment.

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Standing in the presence of darkness being swallowed up in the light I can say, wow, every part of your soul can be awakened in that glorious light!  It’s all about just showing up.  A wise woman once told me that 90% of life is just showing up.  So glad I showed up for this glorious sunrise!

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On another morning in East Greenwich RI, I “showed up” for a sunrise on the water but the fog blocked out the sun.  It didn’t matter, the stillness of the morning was mesmerizing.  I love the stillness in the morning before the cars start to flow and the noise becomes static that time when the only sound you hear is the flowing of the water to the current, and the seabirds chiming in with their songs.

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This photo below was from this morning.  It was completely foggy and it was hard to see any distance in front of you.  It was almost eerie and slightly seductive to the overactive imagination. It would have been a great morning to write a chapter in a haunting novel.

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The sky is forever calling if we would only step aside to answer that call we would be filled with inspiration to fuel our lives.

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As the evening was drawing to a close last night I was in Warwick and this was the sky there.

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But before the night had finished I found myself at Beavertail in Jamestown.  The great thing about RI is that it is so small and surrounded on so many sides by ocean, that you can enjoy in the same day, a variety of different ocean views.

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I just knew I wanted to end this beautiful day at Beavertail. The air was perfect, very little wind, perfect temperature.  I just took it all in with a seriously grateful heart and mind to be living so close to such beauty!

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The sun rises and it sets, giving two opportunities each day to reflect on the bigger picture of life.  To me, I am reminded that you just never know what a day will bring, but you always have the next sunrise to start it all over again. Striving for beauty and inspiration to weave into the tapestry that is life.

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