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I know it has been a while since I have followed up my last blog, “So you want to be an artist?” Well, the truth is, I’ve been extraordinarily busy taking my own advise and have carved out some space for one of my own art practices. This has been very invigorating. More about that another time!  In the meantime, I have been all over the place this last couple of weeks meeting with artists in the music and fine art world who have been bringing new and fresh energy into my world.  My creative juices have been flowing, and it’s an exciting thing to step back into the river with people who are artistically driven.  Some of the people I have been talking to are full time artists in various genres, some are dabblers, but all have a common thread.  All of those I have been rubbing shoulders with are aware they have a passion for art that they are committed to pursue. Below are a few observations I have found with people who are actually practicing their art.

1:  Practicing artists hang around with others who are actively practicing their art.  It’s one thing to have a desire to be involved in the art world, it’s another thing to take the step of committing a certain amount of free time hanging around people active in the genre you desire to be a part of.  It’s the principle of becoming like those you hang around with. Spending time viewing art, or listening to your art, then actually practicing it, is the way to motivate yourself.   Going to art exhibits, concerts, plays, recitals and absorbing the performances, will stimulate your own creativity.  It’s almost impossible to grow and develop your talent if you do not become part of the fabric.  Find your niche, and start relationships with similar people.  Community support goes a long way in fueling your fire.

2: Staying with the theme of community and expanding on it, consider joining an organization, whether for profit, a non-profit, or even a casual group of artists, a choir or any such thing.  In fact I would  go so far as to say, start your own group of hand picked individuals who can help you, and you them, to move towards your goal of practicing your art. Successful artists motivate each other.

3: Educate yourself.  I have mentioned before that youtube is fabulous for learning any art form. I suggest you watch as many videos as possible. But nothing beats hands on learning in the context of community. Take a class, become a member of a group that has education as a core value. People who enjoy their art do so because they are doing it often!

4. Practice, practice, practice. The time you spend practicing what you’ve learned or observed is the time you work the art into your soul. To be present with yourself is essential.  Time alone and dedicated to your craft is what makes you able to bring it out publicly and places you in context with others. Every successful practicing artist I know has space in their home, or at a studio, where they go to be alone and practice.

5. Step out of your comfort zone!  If painting, photography or sculpting is your thing, enter into some shows.  You can find venues in every town and every state. You may be able to find a local coffee shop, real estate office, bank etc., who would allow you to hang  your art in their facility.  Get it out there and let people respond to it.  Everyone is not going to love your work, so don’t let that stand in your way.  Be tenacious until you find a way to show your work. Every artist I know, I found because they are out there to be found!

6. Creativity is born through emotional, mental and spiritual convergence. Now of course, the more you do something the less anxiety you will have, because experience lays fear to rest, and builds confidence.  Every artist I know has suffered at times with anxiety, it comes with the process. The trick is to reinterpret the anxiety as energy and use it to your advantage. This just takes practice and you can overcome it.  Maintaining a balance of challenging yourself with something new (which can bring anxiety) while also developing what you have already established will help you overcome it.

I hope you have received encouragement from these common threads of successful artists and hobbyists that I have observed.  My next blog will actually be about a very accomplished musician, trumpeter Doug Woolverton.   I will be bringing you his story, sharing with you his successes, and I will give you a glimpse into his very exciting world on the stage.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback.  Stay tuned, I will be introducing you to some really cool people. I leave you with this beautiful photo.  Let it inspire you to let the light of creativity shine on you! Cheers!

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