This interview is the next installment in the Sarah Hale Folger Video Project. The SHF Video Project is a series of conversational interviews with extraordinary people in the arts & culture world, as well as the business world, and my goal is to bring wonderful stories of these interesting people to you.  My hope is to find where the magic comes from in these people, and to reveal it to you for inspiration for your lives, and of course mine.

I am pleased to present to you Mr. Doug Woolverton. Doug is a professional musician, composer, and band leader. Doug has been cultivating his smooth, soulful, yet energetic trumpet sound for audiences around the world becoming one of the most in demand, versatile trumpeters of his generation.

My team and I met with Doug at the Greenwich Odeum for a sit down conversation about Doug’s life as a musician. I asked Doug where his inspiration comes from and how he became a professional touring musician. In a world where many people would love the chance to be a full time professional artist or musician, but few actually endeavor to do so,  I wondered how he did it.

Doug reveals how he has pursued his passion and where he wants to go in the future. I am sure that the upcoming Miles Davis Tribute Concert, on September 16th at the Greenwich Odeum will delight audiences of all ages. If you would like to experience this magical night for yourself get your tickets today on the Odeum’s website. My team and I will be there for an awesome behind the scenes look into Dougs’ tribute to Miles Davis.

I hope to see you there! If your reading this and end up at the show, let me know. I love to meet my followers.

Below is the video I did with Doug. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and Blog…Enjoy!

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