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Mind Bending- Rapid Growth

  From conception to 8 years of age The brain develops at lightning speed We are led, as in a hypnotic trance At the mercy of others guidance What we feed it, will grow Starve what you do not want to live there What we do then and from there Makes us who we are body and soul The mind is the power behind … Read More Mind Bending- Rapid Growth

The Hope Of New

There is a time for everything under the sun There are decades and eras They bring with them trials Tragedies and Triumphs The best of times The worst of times The lessons learned To only give up when the ship Will take you down So you must jump Jump and the Universe will catch you Stubbornness may serve you Or it may drown you … Read More The Hope Of New

I Can Feel It

Somehow nostalgia gripped me tonight I remembered things best forgotten But all those memories brought me here today I had made a breakthrough yesterday I realized secrets of the heart Not clouded anymore by fear Doubt or worry When the heart is open And the mind is too It is a powerful tool for advancement In a world that rewards For all the wrong … Read More I Can Feel It

The Seed of Transformation

A mustard seed is the most humble of all So small, so unassuming It does not know that its destiny is to be GREAT and TALL When it fell to the ground it worried Many birds came and ate many seeds But this little seed had a destiny It was trampled upon Dirt covered it Darkness consumed it It wondered whether It would have … Read More The Seed of Transformation

All Creatures GREAT and small

I don’t care where you are in the food chain Or on the social plane From mole to elephant From shark to sloth There lies one truth All desire to live free All want to feel safe The hierarchy of needs must be met In order to reach the highest level Of pure, unadulterated creativity One’s true self uncovered By shedding survival mode By … Read More All Creatures GREAT and small

Take it to the limit

Come on, and take it Just one more step I know you can’t see Where you are going is a mystery And it’s been so hard But try with all your might For one second to believe That I am trustworthy To lead you on To where you won’t need A guide to rely on You will have an epiphany I know, I have … Read More Take it to the limit


I am at one with myself I am a teacher I am a listener I am a pro-claimer I want more So much more I want to follow The path that leads me to it I am standing on the high board Not sure if I know how to swim But I want to trust That my soul knows the way Fueled by my … Read More Inspired

Born to be Free

I am breathing hard as my steps are pulling me forward Winding through the trees my heart races I left the path seeking adventure Always needing to explore to find the unexpected There is just so much more So many live by the rules Safe in a ritual of obsessive order Stifled by a strict regiment I ran out the door Freedom is power … Read More Born to be Free

Welcome to my studio!

Hi Friends, I am thrilled to tell you I moved into a small art studio located inside the One Way Gallery in Narragansett, RI.  It was amazing really, as I was simply walking by the building after having breakfast with my daughter at a restaurant nearby.  I had never seen it before and walked right in to take a look.  The people were nice … Read More Welcome to my studio!

Check Out My Video Conversation with RI Artist, Philippe Lejeune!!!

I had the privilege of spending an hour this morning with Philippe Lejeune. We toured his studio and he gave us a couple of demonstrations!  Philippe is a fascinating man who has a passionate artist’ heart.  Take a few moments to watch the video, I promise you will be inspired! Check Out the Video HERE!!   The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire … Read More Check Out My Video Conversation with RI Artist, Philippe Lejeune!!!

My first visit with Philippe Lejeune, an artist and a visionary!

I first discovered Philippe Lejeune by total chance.  I had completed a photo shoot with John Pitocco, (, and some photos were taken in front of a mostly demolished building in Providence, RI. Someone on Facebook pointed out that the artwork behind my photo was created by Philippe Lejeune.  So of course, fate has brought a meeting between us. (And I got the chance … Read More My first visit with Philippe Lejeune, an artist and a visionary!

My Interview with Trumpeter Doug Woolverton: Video Included

This interview is the next installment in the Sarah Hale Folger Video Project. The SHF Video Project is a series of conversational interviews with extraordinary people in the arts & culture world, as well as the business world, and my goal is to bring wonderful stories of these interesting people to you.  My hope is to find where the magic comes from in these … Read More My Interview with Trumpeter Doug Woolverton: Video Included

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