different - Us and Them?

Us and Them

Truly words to make you stop

Think about the meaning

Shall we stay here in the USA

Or is the world the platform

To try to understand the dilemma

We battle and set to war

Everyday a quagmire

Each to their own understanding

So sad but so true

We cannot control the perceptions

Nor the responses to

Differentials between us

Some say

Lets talk this through

Their faith or their egos ensue

To try to persuade

But this is delusion

I cannot move you

You may sway me, perhaps

But I am a seeker

Not like others

Who are set in ways

That need to be deconstructed

But that may not happen

My youth is gone

I am no longer an idealist

As far as believing that

I may train you to understand

All I can do is live it out

If possible without words

The truth about Love

About P E A C E

About the traits that unite

Rather than divide

So hard to accomplish

But I will not waver

My path only gets stronger

To see clearer

To love deeper than my own wants

I learned to forgive

It shall continue

But in truth

Must let go of

Those who will never catch up

They held me like a kite

But I cut myself free

From so many

Without malice

But just so I could learn to fly

With abandonment

I know a language I cannot speak

But am fluent in

It is spoken from my heart

To anyone who can hear it

And if you do not have

Ears to hear

Then you will fade away

But to those who understand

We know what we see

We bypass anger

In its place we wait

To hear the voice

Who calls to us

Speaks of timelessness

And eternity

Of ways not known to others

It is the common denominator

That drives us

No longer the fight

Or the differences that divide us

Must help, must inspire

Must unleash the power

To do good

And not evil

Come to the table

It is set

Dine with Us

And let there be no more Them

Might be a dreamer

But it is the road set before me


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