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You’ve got to carry that weight

Like an egg in a shell My heart has been sealed away It’s so much safer in there But when its time to grow the egg must be cracked There is a time for everything For some the time never comes It takes great courage to look deep inside It’s so much easier to avoid To drink from the waters that blind Soothing is … Read More You’ve got to carry that weight

Help to find you….

At some point you have accumulated enough understanding of the world That you know who you are becoming in it It’s so incredibly vast that no one of us can catch it on a whim, or by intention It is the universe It is all our wild dreams It is our hopes and aspirations We need gatekeepers and door openers It’s not easy, and … Read More Help to find you….

The Compass Calls Us

It’s a twisting and turning labyrinth trying to get to you I can see within my mind the picture so clearly from where I stand I already scouted out the land as I hovered above it in flight I studied the earth below with all its dimensions Trees and brush, hills and valleys Streams and rivers I can see the path that will get … Read More The Compass Calls Us

Get Back to Your Inner Child

Remember your first day on the playground, how you felt when you met your first best friend? Two completely different souls from different backgrounds discover each other in the chaos, confusion and uncertainty of childhood, away from home and all that is understood. Two friends meet eyes and they just know they get each other. This is how the visual and performing arts interact every … Read More Get Back to Your Inner Child

What loves got to do with it…

I make my moves, mistakes and all, in this game of life On the fly, adjusting to the wind and the waves They are torrential and monstrous I am only human Why do you want me to be more than you are It makes no sense that I should be perfect But I reach, and I try I grasp and feel the power I … Read More What loves got to do with it…

Some Days the Dragon Wins

Waking up to find a total eclipse of the sun Its a strange feeling and there is no light to shine the way A low frequency sound is running in the background Everywhere I turn a foul wind blows What once brought me comfort now is gone What once I trusted now has turned I travel in the dark seeking the source of this … Read More Some Days the Dragon Wins

Mountaintop Experience

I awaken with a start, hearing a sound deep in my mind It is the sound of horses pounding the ground while running I am flying above them and I swoop down and soar beside them Their nostrils flaring, and their breathing is forced and loud I lift up into the sky and veer to the left and rise up high I reach a … Read More Mountaintop Experience

Change is coming

So the wind is shifting and I know it I can’t deny the inevitable The time is coming and I can feel the blows of the storm coming How much can any of us prepare for it I know it’s going to hit and hit hard It will devastate me It will bring an end to an era I will reflect and go on … Read More Change is coming

Two Hearts Collide

Two hearts collide and an electric current flows between them They swirl around each other like planets orbiting the sun Drawn to the light within and the heat that flows they fixate Two sky divers jump into the air and fall fast Tossed by currents and forces that separate They run with the wind, against the wind and crab through it Their eyes are … Read More Two Hearts Collide

A Bird on a Wire

Feet clenched, holding on tightly, balancing through the shifts in the wind, the bird hangs onto the wire. This is not a place to stay, only a quick vantage point to scout for food, to be safe above the commotion, but it is not a safe place. Little woman, hiding in the shadows, never reaching the full light of day, holding on tightly, balancing … Read More A Bird on a Wire

The Mysterious River

What is this feeling that is consuming my heart? How is it I have not known it before in all my years and through all the tears of what was lost and never gained? It is arising within me like the sun coming up in my soul. It is flooding me and making me float. I had been traveling for so long and laid … Read More The Mysterious River

+ cropped Sarah Folger 20170527 180 e1528140203254 - The fork in the road.

The fork in the road.

Here I am again, I’ve been traveling down this road for so long now, and once again another fork in the road. What is this life other than a labyrinth that we must travel, at the end of which we leave this world. I stand still in the middle of a quiet road and simply observe the roads that split off and wonder where … Read More The fork in the road.

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