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Lessons from this Sunrise!

Another day has risen and it falls to me to wake up to greet this morning.  I don’t know about you, but finding ways to stay optimistic and upbeat in a world so torn by politics, war, and mayhem, is quite a challenge.  For me, I take my breaks from the news, but am drawn back into it so that I have a handle … Read More Lessons from this Sunrise!

How To Wake Up Your Soul!

The sun will rise each and every day to remind you that each day is brand new and full of infinite potential. As humans I feel we get so caught up on surviving, or just the hustle and bustle of family life, business life, friendships, work, drama etc., that we oftentimes miss the most obvious and powerful fact of living, that is it a … Read More How To Wake Up Your Soul!

A Sunset For the Soul

I was sitting quietly at my desk in my apartment thinking far too much about things that are beyond my control and wondering what the secret is to balancing life. At the end of the day, you do what can be done in the course of that day.  It’s a joke really, you never finish the list and you do things that weren’t on … Read More A Sunset For the Soul

My Coco Loco Machine!

  Have you ever just been so proud of your child that you cry? Well that’s me. I have been blessed with three amazing daughters who have become extraordinary women. Today was a day for the books with my oldest, and so it must be bookmarked by this blog! My oldest daughter Courtney is one of the most amazing women I know. She has … Read More My Coco Loco Machine!

Ode to Barney Hale Folger

Today would have been my brother Barney’s 55th birthday.  This picture was the last time I saw him in Cincinnati in the late 90’s.  Barney was a photographer, jewelry designer and an actor and he worked other jobs as well landscaping and the restaurant business to name a few. We were the youngest of 5 children, 4 brothers then me.  (Ted, Mike, Jeremy) Barney … Read More Ode to Barney Hale Folger

How do you know you are loved?

I created this blog after asking people on Facebook the question “How do you know you are loved?” here are the results

A day in nature makes me happy!

Wow, what a wonderful day Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 was! We took off for The Port of Galilee, which is a quaint little fishing port located in Narragansett, Rhode Island for a little sun and fun, considering it has been so cold to start this year’s spring. It was a whopping 55 degrees, and we, my man and I, were dying to get out. … Read More A day in nature makes me happy!

Practicing Gratitude in the Face of Death

Shock, disappointments, and circumstances beyond our control, how do we deal with them?  When loved ones die, or love dies, or love cannot be found no matter how hard we reach to find it, it is then we must realize that the only hope is to find love within ourselves.  Some may reach for a God to heal, and others to other means, but … Read More Practicing Gratitude in the Face of Death

Happiness is at your fingertips, literally!

It is amazing to me that I have finally come to understand that happiness is not some illusive thing only for the rich and famous, or the accomplished, or the lucky ones, or the people we put on pedestals.  In fact, some of the happiest people in the world are considered poor, unlucky, unaccomplished, uneducated, and the list goes on.  The truth of the … Read More Happiness is at your fingertips, literally!

+ sarah hale folger icu 1 - Does it matter what others think of you?

Does it matter what others think of you?

  I’ve been on the planet for a while now and in this time I have observed people around me, and either have been amazed at what I have seen or saddened on many levels. As a child I was very different for many reasons, but mainly because I was raised in a family that basically ran a zoo out of our home.   It … Read More Does it matter what others think of you?

OH NO! I didn’t get the memo!

Who said life after 50 was the beginning of the countdown to the end?-how morbid! I cringe when I hear people talking about life as though it is almost over and they are just in their 50’s. I mean, I know 80 year olds who put me to shame and never stop moving and trying new things!  That’s the ticket!  Refusing to accept that … Read More OH NO! I didn’t get the memo!

The Power of the Red Dress

  So here I am, 53, the mother of 3 amazingly beautiful daughters, and 3 fabulous grandchildren. Did you hear my heart go BOOM, boom, BOOM, boom, BOOM? These giant blessings in my life are my greatest gifts. Yet here I am in my middle years, imagining myself with my sword brandished high!! (The pen is mightier than the sword, so it is my … Read More The Power of the Red Dress

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