me4 1024x540 - Coming Into Yourself

Something in the way

The world around me has shifted

There is a reckoning in my mind

A calculation of time passed and time yet to come

It’s flying by, swirling all around me

I am the summation of my experiences

I am the projection of my energies

Looking out the window of my conscience

I know that every moment coming counts

Waste not, want not

Time has been squandered far too much

Staying here, in this moment

I can feel the passion I have for my loved ones

That love fuels me to press on and reach up

There is more, so much more

And I want to follow the trail that leads me to it

Ambition to expand and contract

Thoughts heat up, thoughts cool down

All creation begins with thought

If you pay too much attention

The thoughts of others will act as a firehose

Washing away your own

Leaving you empty and lost

We are creators

We expand our horizons when we take risks

We contract our worlds when we live in fear

Maximize and minimize

Until the confidence comes

When your curiosity of others opinions

Replaces your fears of their thoughts

When you know your own mind

All things come into focus

Take that shot

The one where you can see all the detail

The one taken by your minds eye

When it uses a macro lens

All the details become clear

The blur is gone

Time, is really the driver

It can heal and it can take away

So grab ahold of the toggles

Steer your parachute

Think about where you want to land

Jump, aim yourself , fly

Soar weightlessly through the sky

Enjoy the ride

Just make sure you

Land on your feet


me3 1024x552 - Coming Into Yourself

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