Sarah Hale Folger. JP downtown 3

I always love working with the talented Mr John Pitocco.  His shoot took us to downtown Providence where the possibilities were endless for photos.

But before I got started I stopped at Mary Janes Salon at 1270 Mineral Spring Ave. in North Providence where the lovely ladies both the owner and beautician Tori Chipman totally spruced me up for the event!  Thank you ladies for the incredible hospitality that this salon offers it’s clients!!!


Behind the lens of John Pitocco of we embarked on a fun-filled adventure walking the streets of Providence and seeing the world from an artists’ point of view.

Sarah Hale Folger. VP3

I love this photo because it gives me a sense that an artist can still have a perspective that counts in a world where politics dictate so many outcomes. We the people, we have hearts that want to speak too, and in fact have wisdom and grace to offer.

Sarah Hale Folger. JP Statehouse

When a photo like this is taken a woman might start to believe the world is her oyster!

Sarah Hale Folger. JP Downtown

Never neglect the eagle pose when the notion strikes to engage in it!  Balance and focus always win the day!

Sarah Hale Folger. Eagle Pose

I cherish good friends who make work seem like play!

What a beautiful day in Providence.  Come on summer, we are all ready for you!

Sarah Hale Folger. JP shoot river walk


Sarah Hale Folger JP brick wall

Choose today which way you will face.  Will it be towards the future?  Don’t look back! How fun it was to be in an empty parking garage, just hanging in the present.

Sarah Hale Folger JP downtown 2


Sarah Hale Folger. VP 2

At every turn an adventure awaited for those with eyes to see.

Sarah Hale Folger Lean Vic

Sarah Hale Folger. VP 1

Sarah Hale Folger. JP Vic 4

At the end of it all it was a great fun day with lots of work done.  Providence has a special charm to it.  It’s a unique city which I am happy to live near.  So much potential.  It made me wonder where this city will be in 5 or 10 years, where will I be? For now, I am just happy to be here!

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