sarah hale folger hot pink - I love Second Hand Clothes !!

(Hot pink Dress $6 🙂

When you don’t have a large budget and you want to buy new clothes there is always an option for you!  When I was a teen my mom and I knew where all the second hand/ vintage clothing shoppes were in Cincinnati.  In fact, in many ways, I was known for my unique style and original look.  Well that’s what happens when you combine a 1920’s dress with combat boots! I remember meeting a girl once who said; “You’re that girl!! The one I see on campus!  I love the way you dress, how do you do it?”

sarah hale folger yellow shirt - I love Second Hand Clothes !!

(Yellow shirt $3 / White jeans were $8 🙂

The truth is, I don’t think a lot about it.  I go by feel when I put clothes together.  In other words, if it gives me a positive emotional response, I just go for it.  I don’t know, nor do I care what’s trending.   I’m so in my own world that keeping up with the Jones’ never applied to me.  Hey, trust me, I love a lot of designer clothing, I just can’t always afford it. When I respond emotionally to clothes, jewelry, boots, shoes, purses or what have you, it doesn’t matter who made it or how much it costs, if I like it I buy it.

I’ve been doing some 50-Plus modeling shoots lately and wanted to have more options at my disposal, so why pay top dollar? Last week I went to two second hand stores and got some great clothes and didn’t pay more than $12 for anything, and mostly I paid around $3 an item. The hot pink dress above was only $6.00 The yellow shirt was $3 and the white jeans were $8.  Can’t beat that!

(The grey dress below was only $5 :_)

sarah hale folger grey dress o - I love Second Hand Clothes !!

So go have some fun and see what’s out there.  The cool thing is someone who has great things but has not fit in them in years may have just dropped them off at a second hand store.  Believe me, some secondhand stores are pricey and others that focus on charitable work are NOT.  It’s fun and you may be super surprised at how lucky you get!

Happy Shopping!!

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    • Well, I have to say- it shocked me but in Warwick, RI- Savers! But then just the other day I found designer clothes at a Salvation Army in North Kingstown. There is a great one on Thayer Street in Providence, Second Time Around. But the prices are higher but you can still get great clothes there for next to nothing. There’s more but that’s enough to start you off right!

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