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‘Dedicated to Bobby S’

You oftentimes are the youngest child

Therefore in a larger family

No one really listens to your point of view

You watch and you listen as the years unfold

All that goes on in front of you

You try to fill in the gap

Since no one asks you to lead the way

Hard times come

And they are in the rear view mirror

But somehow you cannot forget all the details

Your siblings each have their power

They display it sometimes with force

But it oftentimes was without maturity

So there were casualties

Relationships were wounded

Sometimes broken

And while no one was looking

You held each detail in your mind

Because your heart was so big

It could hold all the fragments

Of the brokenness of the family

Sometimes mended

Sometimes not

But even though you

Sometimes were pushed aside

Often times ignored and punished

Because too much was on the plate

You seemed to understand something

That the others were missing

Because deep in your heart

You live in the dream

Of love and friendship

Of honor and respect

You could not control

All the decisions that divided

And so you were in the shadows

Learning and absorbing

The lessons in each trial

But what you became was fierce

Your love was groomed by watching

The deficit in others

Which you wanted to make up for

But it was not for you to do

So you learned a greater trait

You learned Wisdom

You learned to listen

And to wait

To see the truth

And to live with a broken heart

But you became strong

You have become a strong tower

And your children take refuge in you

Your love made pure by adversity

You stood under its weight

And bore it with strength

You learned to wait

To take the high road

Your days of peace are ahead of you

You’ve earned your degree

The world is yours

May peace be your guide

As you inspire your tribe


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