Storm road - The Storm Rages


Nothing is the same as it was

It’s like a bad car accident

After which, can you walk

Can you even dream to run

Your mind blows

How do you understand 

The drama plays out

No one can direct this play

It comes when it will

It won’t go when you want

Everybody thinks

Some thoughts stay

And some thoughts go 

Collective energy builds like a storm

Ready to unleash its blows

The forecast is doom

The gloom blocks the sun

Where do the birds go to hide

Taking flight could be suicide 

Words like bullets fly

Hitting their intended marks

There is no love in these words

Only scathing accusations

Fear and gossip have prevailed

Ignorance and slander

Fueled by those I love

It’s been building up for years

There is no debate

No back and forth

There is no evidence

Only wild conspiracies

The energy is violent

The silent treatment is applied

Like a witch doctor to force my hand

The heart must be protected from this assault

For immaturity is to blame

And fear is in the blood

So brace yourself 

Cause like an unwanted guest 

Here she comes 


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With a storm, there is always destruction

The winds control the sky and air

The rains pelt the surface of the earth

We are blinded by the commotion

Unable to focus on anything but


All the hackles and nerves raised and shot

But now that the storm has passed

And the shadows of discontent have dissipated

Breathing is easier

The smell of the wet ground permeates

Our senses take in the aftermath

I should have done this

And maybe if I said that are now passed

And in this moment the truth is present

The lessons continue

And the humility is accepted

Time to build and rebuild

Focus is the key to success

As one navigates through the aftermath

Naked we come into this world

And naked we leave

It is the time between that matters

To build a tribe that will outlast us all

And bring the truth to those we will never meet

That love is all that matters


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