shutterstock 734732989 - What loves got to do with it...I make my moves, mistakes and all, in this game of life

On the fly, adjusting to the wind and the waves

They are torrential and monstrous

I am only human

Why do you want me to be more than you are

It makes no sense that I should be perfect

But I reach, and I try

I grasp and feel the power

I trip and split my flesh open

Darn it all

Why is every move I make

Measured and critiqued

While all I give is grace and forgiveness

Who is the fool and who’s the sage

Can we simply turn another page

For tomorrow may come

It may be too late

To fix what’s broken

I love you

Strive to trust,

To open your heart

I cannot carry the weight of all your fears

Nor can I cure you

I can only say this

I love you

I’m not going anywhere

I will stay right here until you can see

I love you

Know me

Trust me

Rest and feel secure

You are in me and I am in you

This is us


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