Girl on a path 1821220941 1533477616482 - Girl on a path.

Girl on a path

About a month or so ago I was struggling with something and I felt the weight of it deep within my soul. When I woke up I decided to just paint and see what came out of me. As I began with charcoal I just covered the canvas with black and rubbed my hands through it and sprayed water on it until I felt a flow coming in between my heart and my hands. I saw trees forming and grabbed paint and started bringing in the trees and as I did I literally started shaking because I felt real joy. It’s kind of crazy really, as art in it’s many forms has always been my therapy, I felt that I was healing myself, as though my soul knew what it was doing and I just needed to keep flowing.

IMG 7209 2540735594 1533480536601 - Girl on a path.

How amazed I was when I started to see a girl on the path that was forming and she seemed so content and at peace. As I finished her I added the light because that is what was happening to my soul, even though I was going through something that was stressing me out and breaking my heart, I now saw this new hope for me. The path before me fatefully calling me again and it was going to be good and full of light and I could let go of what was bothering me. And so I did let go that very moment as I sat in my chair and tears of letting go mingled with tears of joy and hope for the journey I now found myself in. I’ve been at peace ever since. Wishing you peace and hope!!

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