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+ Sarah Folger  Vortex Woman  mixed media - My Solar Plexus

My Solar Plexus

The vortex That hole in the middle of my chest Is it fire, is it water Whirling fluid or air A whirlpool, a whirlwind It feels like a waterfall Like broken glass Shattered and falling into me My heart is too extended Filled with thoughts of all my children My grandchildren My father, my mother, My brothers, their families And the pain is just … Read More My Solar Plexus

Let it fall

We dodge and weave Through the torrent of the storm Running from fear Buzy so as not to disappear But if we take a moment If we slow down our pace We will become greater than our instincts We will guide our minds We will understand The only way out is through We are in this together The losses, the heartbreaks We watch as … Read More Let it fall

You’ve got to carry that weight

Like an egg in a shell My heart has been sealed away It’s so much safer in there But when its time to grow the egg must be cracked There is a time for everything For some the time never comes It takes great courage to look deep inside It’s so much easier to avoid To drink from the waters that blind Soothing is … Read More You’ve got to carry that weight

Girl on a path.

About a month or so ago I was struggling with something and I felt the weight of it deep within my soul. When I woke up I decided to just paint and see what came out of me. As I began with charcoal I just covered the canvas with black and rubbed my hands through it and sprayed water on it until I felt … Read More Girl on a path.

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