img 0937 2 - You’ve got to carry that weight

Like an egg in a shell

My heart has been sealed away

It’s so much safer in there

But when its time to grow the egg must be cracked

There is a time for everything

For some the time never comes

It takes great courage to look deep inside

It’s so much easier to avoid

To drink from the waters that blind

Soothing is what we seek

Joy and peace and gratitude

These aren’t gifts, they must be earned

By letting go

By seeing the real full bodied truth

We don’t usually know what that looks like

It’s so much easier to pretend

To hyper focus on something

Point all our feelings there

We must get out the anger fear and pain

We can’t make it worse by seeing

From someone else’s point of view

It’s too important to feel we are in control

Everything will fall apart if we open our hearts

What if we get hurt

Can’t take another blow

So we walk around in armored jackets

They help us not to feel

It’s so easy to be brave when you deny

All the losses and regrets

It’s just too sad to face

Until you see someone who gave it all

They sacrificed their own life for another

The other never understood the cost

The price was all or nothing

What a love so deep and so wide

So all consuming

A calling to give another safe passage

From the beginning till the bitter sweet end

Who will comfort you

When you gave up all for one

The others were left behind

But they are here now

To walk and not to run

To sit with you inside your hell

And be the light in the darkness

For it is your turn to feel the love

Your turn to be guided and protected

The world it whizzes by outside

No passerby can see you

But you are not alone

Something greater than yourself

Will now pick you up as you carry your load

And both of you will find

We’ve been here all the time


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image - You’ve got to carry that weight

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