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There comes a certain age when it is easy to let go of your dreams and to just accept what your life has become by force- the force of nature, the force of time and circumstances. When did it all get washed away? When did you change your mind?  Was there a burial after the death of your ambition? No, most likely it was much less dramatic than that, quietly, toxically, time ticked away, and for many a practical reason you let go of every tethered cord that held on to hope.  After all, isn’t it just childhood fantasy to think you could live in such a way that inspires yourself to grasp ahold and fight for the dream?

One day will come, perhaps for you it is today, and that day will open a door.  It is a day when you stop for an extra moment to break the rhythm, the cycle you have become accustomed to.  It is a day when you access yourself.  You will walk to a window, or step outside and look up and stare at the sky above and you will breathe an extra moment between obligations and commitments to ask yourself one question. It will not be a question that has words but rather feelings. And when you do, only you can answer the question your soul asks.  Is this me?  This life I live, is it authentically me? Am I happy?  Have I gotten lost along the way and is there a way to weave my hearts desire into this matrix I have become a part of? Have I changed and evolved, is it okay where I have landed? And if that answer is no, I have become someone I do not know, I am not happy and I am lost, if this is you, then I ask that you be willing to do one thing for the sake of all your hold dear.

Fix in your mind the essence of what you cherish.  Is it a goal, a place, a lifestyle?  Instead of running from the pain of not having achieved it, just let an image develop in your minds eye.  Cherish the essence of what you were born to be.  It may take on another form at this point than it did as a child, but if you cherish the thought of it as you would the company of a dear friend, then you will never be lonely.  Your cherished desire will be fed and you have no idea the potential of what form it will take as you feed it.  They say if you want to kill something starve it, and if you want to grow something, then feed it.

Feed your head positive imaginations of music, dance, art, literature, relationships, moments, inventions, homes, travel, sights, sounds, feelings of joy, peace, love and kindness, powerful thoughts, rescuing others, finding home, whatever it is, feed your head only the good stuff.  When you lay down to sleep cherish these thoughts and put away the thoughts of regret, sadness, anxiety, pain, suffering, hatred, jealously, addiction, powerlessness, frustration, fear, anger, betrayal, and so forth.  You are what you eat, this goes especially for your thoughts.  Don’t worry about how others try to define you with their thoughts of you, what do they know?  To be busy about nurturing your own cherished hopes is the path to freedom.  And once you willfully take the first step keep going, pick up the pace, get endurance and run, don’t look back just run to the beauty that lies before your beautiful soul.  Choose to cherish your souls desire and wake up the whole world along the way!!!

Go for it and don’t look back!!!

Sarah Hale Folger. Never too late - Cherish Your Dreams!

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