It is with a grateful heart that I write this blog.  Last year at this time I was just finishing up 30 rounds of radiation for skin cancer and I was weak and weary.  For two years I was undergoing transformation after transformation and it was a lot of pain.  Leaving a job I had loved, getting a divorce and quite frankly the shifts in my thinking and lifestyle were so rapid I was reeling emotionally. But step by step I followed my instincts and faced many fears and I came out stronger and happier on the other side.

At this time last year, I knew that a new life was coming. I knew I would have to conquer a whole new learning curve in order to bring myself to the next level in my life and I was both excited and scared.  I started this blog last February, and have never looked back.  I also started a marketing business and joined a partner in another marketing business and it has been a fabulous time learning, meeting new people and taking a leap of faith.  It is paying off, I have many wonderful clients and many new collaborators in business who I am thrilled to be aligned with.

This coming year brings with it the hope of even more goals being accomplished.  I have an exciting line up working with a few new companies starting in January and also being able to continue with the ones I already have.  I am super thankful for Vic Pichette, my partner in Video Marketing Strategies, for all the work we do together each and every day!  VMS Website.

Please check out my revised website here: SHF Website I am going to be adding more of my clients work on the site in the new year. If you are in need of your businesses story or your story being told, please contact me and let’s start the conversation!

My hope for you is that you never, ever give up!  If you are in a dark time and things are really hard, and you can’t see a way out, keep moving forward, one step at a time.  Find people who believe in you, and most of all believe in the power of YOU as a personal creator of your own future.  Imagine, dream, work hard. play hard and laugh often.  Stay positive, even when you’re hurting, and soon you will be on the other side of things. Life’s all about cycles, seasons and times.

May this season bring you hope! All The best to you! Sarah

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