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Tis true, we come into this world naked and screaming, the shock of leaving a warm and rhythmic womb and suddenly being squeezed through a porthole into this world we call our reality, must have been shocking to say the very least.  What secrets had we beheld prior to entering this life, we simply cannot remember.

The first several years of our life we absorb the world around us in such a way that our memories are rare and those we have may be twisted.  You see, as I am sure you know, we simply live as though we are in a hypnotic trance and we are as the saying goes, like wet cement. Babies are totally dependent on the care of those around them and also are being imprinted by the same.  This is why it is so vital that as parents we show unconditional love and yet we teach boundaries and respect, but most of all love and affirmation.

Children are on a constant learning curve, hardly ever taking a break from brain development.  Think about it, every new sound, taste, smell and experience is a first and in the course of any given day there could be multitudes of these newly stimulating experiences. Blessed is the child whose caretakers have intuition and wisdom and an abundance of love.

The one thing I feel we all miss as we grow older is the beauty of seeing the world through the innocent eyes of a child.  The uncynical, unpolluted beauty, the sense of wonder and of awe.  It’s as if we spend our whole life trying to get back to that place of freedom of thought, and total faith in believing in the impossible.

So as this Christmas approaches, and with it the illusions of Santa, reindeer’s and the North Pole, I hope we can take this time to see through the innocent eyes of the children around us.  Even though in reality we are lying to our children and grandchildren, something I could never do, I now understand the value of a healthy fantasy.  When you think about it, the total excitement in the minds of kids who believe in Santa, leads them to be nice and not naughty, and to be good and hope for rewards. The feverish excitement they carry in them actually translates to us as a positive motivator to keep the sweet dream alive so we can remember, just get a glimpse into the utter sheer joy of totally believing in a jolly fellow who grants wishes.

I know there are plenty of unhappy stories, the sadness that occurs when the child learns Santa is not real, and unhappy homes where the joy is missing for those who’ve lost the ability to have any faith at all to pass down to their children.  There are plenty who do not celebrate the commercial side of Christmas, are not Christian and therefore also do not celebrate the birth of the Christ who is the basis of Christianity.  But I am not addressing any of those scenarios but simply want to focus on the positive ones, those who receive extra joy this time of year because the fantasy, the story, and the spirit of Christmas is built up and celebrated.  You see I had lost all that joy for a long time and I know what it is to be more sad than usual this time of year.

This is why I am focused on one thing in this blog today.  I am focused on the hope and expectation of the great and beautiful possibilities of fantasies coming true, of believing like a child, and feeling the rush of that kind of joy and happiness.  We can do it, even amidst loss and even if we lost our hope and trust before.  It’s a new day, its another opportunity to chose to see the world through innocent eyes.  Has your vision been blurred or have you been blinded by pain and circumstances?   If so, I sincerely hope that you give yourself the greatest gift of all as the holidays approach and shift your focus from your losses to the possibilities of a new type of future, one full of hope and wonder.  It’s more than possible to retrain your brain to stop the old thought patterns of cynicism and negativity and fear.  As much as the past may have hurt you, the future is yet unwritten and YOU are the author!

If you need inspiration, talk to children and hear how they believe anything is possible. Let them inspire you, they may be on to something you’ve long forgotten.  When you want to be happy, give happiness to others.  When you want to dream and achieve, support others who dream and are working hard to achieve their goal. If you’ve drunk from the bitter cup, detox yourself with forgiveness. When toxic people rob your minds, leave them behind and let go.  If you hate your job, get a new one,  Whatever steps you have to take to become as innocent as a child, which is the path to hope and joy, well take the first step today.  Each step you take will challenge your old thinking and it will put up a fight.  But you know better now I hope, life was never intended to be dark and gloomy.

My hope is that this is the year for you.  It’s your life, don’t waste another minute waiting for someone else to stop being who they are and change so you can be happy.  You change, you find your dreams and go after them, there are plenty of positive people to encourage you to GO FOR IT!

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