Sarah Hale Folger 112 - Lessons from this Sunrise!

Another day has risen and it falls to me to wake up to greet this morning.  I don’t know about you, but finding ways to stay optimistic and upbeat in a world so torn by politics, war, and mayhem, is quite a challenge.  For me, I take my breaks from the news, but am drawn back into it so that I have a handle on our country’s pulse.  It is one of the saddest things for me to see the way we are torn apart as a nation, and how the terrorists who hate Americans, and other freedom loving countries, are constantly pursuing their goals of taking us out.  My heart grows heavy as I see bad incidents and angry people dominating the spotlight and feeding us talking points on TV and radio, in print and in conversation. I take it all in and remain true to my heart.  I reach for a higher perspective and am thankful for the true beauty that exists in so many people and it is nature that soothes my soul and helps me cope with all these things.

Sarah Hale Folger 111 - Lessons from this Sunrise!

Many nights I can’t sleep from the stress of life, whether it be what I mentioned already or finances, people I love who are sick, or hurting, or trying to figure out the problems that constantly arise.  So it is for these very reasons that I make many attempts at soothing myself.  It may be taking in a sunrise or a sunset, and when it is I am always fueled for my day.  It may be removing myself from people for a while and simply creating some form of art, and it may be visiting my children and grandchildren.

Sarah Hale Folger 113 - Lessons from this Sunrise!

!t’s important in life to learn to sooth yourself, you never know when you may lose the one you lean on for support. There are no guarantees how long we have one another, and that is why I value those few in my life who stay close to my heart.  I honor them by taking care of my own heart and mind, and for me, it is through the arts, through building my business, and by constantly learning and growing as a creative person.

Sarah Hale Folger 114 - Lessons from this Sunrise!

Imagine how awesome it felt for me to walk out my door and round the corner to see such a magnificent sight as this!  I longed for this sort of beauty my whole life, and am now wise enough to not waste any time finding moments like these!

Sarah Hale Folger 115 - Lessons from this Sunrise!

I stood in the wet frosted grass and slowly turned in all directions and no matter the view it was intoxicating.

Sarah Hale Folger 116 - Lessons from this Sunrise!

When do you stop taking pictures?  When it is this beautiful, you are compelled to grasp it, to interpret it, to drink it in, to copy it- it’s insatiable the appetite it creates in my soul!

Sarah Hale Folger 117 - Lessons from this Sunrise!

As I walked away from this view a few yards, I was keenly aware that this was an original work of art that I was trying to capture. It would never be exactly like this again, never.  If you were to put your foot in a flowing stream and lift it up and place it back down again, it is a different stream of water that rushes over your feet. This is how I think about things, maybe a little too deep for some, but for me I have an intense fascination with how the world works. The lessons of nature for me translate into how I cope with the rest of my life.

Sarah Hale Folger 118 - Lessons from this Sunrise!

This small boat so tranquil and serene called to me! I simply had to capture this moment even though I was running late on starting my day!

Sarah Hale Folger 119 - Lessons from this Sunrise!

Yes I stole a few more moments to make sure I had the fuel for my day.

Sarah Hale Folger 120 - Lessons from this Sunrise!

The sun was cresting, I could see it behind the trees and I knew soon the colors would vanish and soon I would be trotting back to my apartment and rushing to get the day started.

Sarah Hale Folger 121 - Lessons from this Sunrise!

One last moment, I couldn’t quite tear my eyes away from this gift.  It left me grateful and full of magic in my heart, the kind of magic that nature brings to all of us.  We simply just have to show up! You may not be near the water, you may live in a city or in the middle of the country land locked as I once was.  But the sky will always paint for you just as it does for me.  May you find yourself inspired wherever nature calls to you!

Sarah Hale Folger 121 2 - Lessons from this Sunrise!

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