Who is Bert Crenca? He is an amazing man who has changed the culture in Providence for over 30 years.  Bert is an artist and also the founder of AS220, a non-profit arts organization located in Providence that has enriched the lives of many over the years.  The fascinating story of AS220 is currently being created into a documentary film and you can visit their website for more information on this ground breaking non-profit at https://as220.org/ But although we discussed Bert’s role in the creation of AS220, it was not the purpose of my interview. I wanted to hear much more, I wanted to hear the story of Bert’s life and what has made him become who he is.  I wanted to know what was coming next for him now that he has retired from AS200 leaving a legacy behind him.


I met Bert at his studio with my crew and we spent the better part of two hours just living in the moment while Bert shared his intimate thoughts on life, the role art plays in community, stories about his incredible life, and the time just flew by.  Bert’s heart was so big, and it had room for all of us.


I can’t wait until the video is edited and we get it up on my YouTube page (Sarah Hale Folger) As I told Bert, I am on my own new adventure and although I have several interviews lined up, I was hoping in my heart that he would be the first for my new video show “The Sarah Hale Folger Project.”  I have followed the story of AS220 for over 25 years and I have felt a kinship with Bert in so many ways as our paths were on similar tracts so often.  It only seemed right that someone whose work I have admired for so long should be my first interview for my new show.

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It became apparent that Bert’s art will play a major role in his life moving forward.  Bert has won awards and been invited to the White House to speak based on his work at AS220. Bert has also given a TED Talk.  Here is the link to the YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD-T4LIddtE

And there is another thing Bert and I share, our love for creating music. Bert has a group called Monkee Head which I hope to hear at some point soon!!


As we bounced around from room to room we ended up at Bert’s wife’s studio (her name is Susan Clausen) and she is just as creative as Bert and the two of them continue to be a dynamic duo in both the fine arts and through their music.


What I found most incredible about Bert was his humanity. Bert is a man trying to make a difference in the world and I believe he is succeeding.


Bert’s quest to create peace and harmony in a world gone mad is incredibly inspiring!

Sarah Hale Folger with Bert 8

In Bert’s retirement from AS220 one of his future quests is to take the time to showcase his art in a one man show somewhere in New England. Right now he is completing a series to go in downtown Providence.  With this series, Bert hopes to inspire people to hold on to the value of the human soul.  Bert also has a political side to him as an advocate for arts and culture.  His philosophical view of the world is ever striving to find ways to create space for people to be happy and free.

Sarah Hale Folger with Bert 7

We haven’t heard the last of Bert, in fact, this is a new beginning and I am pretty sure that even Bert has no idea what’s coming in his future.  Just like when he spoke out over 30 years ago in favor of artists having space to create and grow and thrive, I am sure that he will stumble upon something unexpected that will bring inspiration to many.

Mostly, for my part, I want to see his art speak.  He is a fighter for justice and freedom.  I hope karma gives back abundantly to him as he follows his heart.

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