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If you live in RI and are seeking a photographer I highly recommend John (  I have known him for 7 years and have had the pleasure of working with him on a number of projects.

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The key to any successful shoot is first and foremost being comfortable in your own skin.  It’s important to have your head in the game and to enjoy the process.

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It’s always great when you can work with someone who you feel comfortable with.  It’s not always possible especially if you are hired for a job and have never even met the photographer.  So once again, I find it is up to me to be in a happy place no matter who the photographer is.

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Everyone sees the world differently.  It is up to me as a model to help bring about the vision of the shoot.  Every shoot should tell a story, every picture should have interesting value to it.

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There is something special about Providence.  The history is rich, the culture is varied, and the hope of it’s future is in the hearts and minds of those who would take interest in preserving and enhancing it’s greatest features.

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Fine art photographers have an eye for the beauty in the broken parts of a city.  Leave it to the artists to make something beautiful out of something that has fallen into rubble.

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I am a woman who values my part in this state, in this community.  For my part I have almost entirely dedicated my life to my family and to the creative and performing arts.

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I can remember when the city looked nothing like this. It’s up to those who love her to make her shine in the eyes of the world.  Rhode Island has many points of destination for visitors. South County and the beaches are spectacular and many come to spend time there.  But equally as important is the city of Providence, rich with it’s universities and museums, it’s restaurants and it’s night life.  Can anyone remember Providence without Waterfire?  It’s part of who we are now.

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My hope is that many more of us will make our creative mark in this state.  It’s a very expensive state to live in for a variety of reasons, more so than almost any other state. This is the hard part on all of us, I am sure.  Lots to think about as I look through the photos and think of this place.

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I am originally from Cincinnati and have lived in Colorado and Massachusetts and even a moment in Texas.  I have lived here now for more than 30 years, so I am officially a Rhode Islander. I love traveling but I love coming home as well.  And I enjoy the people I get to work with.  I think a lot of people I know have a vision for this state. I ponder all these things I do, and my many life experiences and I remain hopeful for the future.

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