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Wow, what a wonderful day Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 was!

We took off for The Port of Galilee, which is a quaint little fishing port located in Narragansett, Rhode Island for a little sun and fun, considering it has been so cold to start this year’s spring. It was a whopping 55 degrees, and we, my man and I, were dying to get out.

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When we got there, most of the people were down near George’s, which is a staple restaurant/bar in Galilee. We finally got outside, we started shooting with our camera’s, and taking in the sun and relative warmth.

If you haven’t been to Galilee I think you’re missing out. Rhode Island is actually quite the tourist destination and when it isn’t cold outside it is a privilege to live here.

dsc05695 - A day in nature makes me happy!

Galilee is an authentic working New England fishing village and has a great selection of seafood restaurants, shops, a local hotel, and is close to two State Beaches, Roger Wheeler, Salty Brine and ten minutes away is Narragansett Beach. The Port is also home to many charter fishing vessels, a sightseeing tour, and it’s also a major hub for year round ferry service to Block Island, with the Block Island Ferry.

The next 2 photo’s are not mine but I took them from the internet to show you exactly what I am talking about!!  (BTW, I can’t wait to board the Block Island Ferry this spring and summer to go to the island and experience paradise!  It really is so beautiful here in Rhode Island!

bi ferry galilee pic - A day in nature makes me happy!

One of the greatest little secrets of Galilee is the lobster boats docked along the pier that have fresh lobsters and fish fresh from the ocean. You just park your car, walk up to any boat and they will hand you fresh seafood. It’s Simply Amazing!

When you turn into Galilee you can’t miss the great Block Island Ferry Boats ready to take people to Block Island. The owners are friends and do an amazing service for such a small fee.

Did I mention George’s? Well we couldn’t resist a drink in the upstairs bar where there was live music.

All around are cute eateries, bars, restaurants and cool little stores.

overhead galilee - A day in nature makes me happy!

We pulled over on the way out and took some nature shots!  It felt so good to be outside and around nature that we couldn’t help but feel invigorated!

sarah hale folger galilie 2 - A day in nature makes me happy!

A shot into the water world!

sarah hale folger under water - A day in nature makes me happy!

The view is so inspiring, that if it were a little warmer I would have sat down for some plein aire drawing with my sketch book!

sarah hale folger gal meadow - A day in nature makes me happy!

I am a tree lover and this tree was so sweet I wanted to hug it!!! (I’ve been stuck in the house too long! LOL)

sarah hale folger tree - A day in nature makes me happy!

Just to think, this one beautiful expression of nature made it through winter and is looking MARVELOUS, Darling!!!

sarah hale folger wheatgrass - A day in nature makes me happy!

No coats today!  We are so close here in New England to shedding all of our sweaters!!

dsc05708 - A day in nature makes me happy!

Ahhh- now I love when I stop to find little gems of nature.  This is so fulfilling to me.  Today is raining and cold so just looking at these photos from Sunday gives me patience.

sarah hale folger gal 4 - A day in nature makes me happy!

So my friends!  Here’s to contentment in the small moments of life!  I love sharing them with you!

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Peace in the little moments!

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