I spent a few days at my friend Tory Corey’s store in Jamestown, R.I. this week, and it was just delightful!  You know the saying, walk a mile in another’s shoes…. Well, I was so proud to be taking care of Tory’s beautiful store; Fuller Art and Frame Gallery while she was away with her best friend and husband in Florida for a few days.

Everyone that came through the door was wonderful.  It was a charmed few days of meeting and greeting both the locals and the visitors to the island.  To be honest with you, after spending time there, I would love to move there.  However, I live in the beautiful seaside town of Wickford, RI,  a mere 15 minutes drive away, so I am one blessed woman!!!


While I was here I said, “well heck Tory’s store is so beautiful and it was so gorgeous outside why not shoot some video for my brand and to market her store”. Here is a photo taken by Vic Pichette my partner. Notice the beautiful fine art in the windows behind me?  Yeah just saying, great local artists showcase their work at Fuller Gallery.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 12.32.44 PM

And of course, this is me being silly. So well, we did a fun video to show you what I am doing with video marketing, which is my new business. Check it our by clicking HERE. While you are there, please subscribe to my new YouTube Page. By the way, I want to collaborate with you, so please leave comments and I will share them with my growing audience. Just to let you know, the below image is called a social media image or meme, and we can create them for your brand.

Sarah Hale Folger.on the floor

The weather here in RI is finally beautiful enough to take a walk and actually enjoy it without your eyes watering and freezing yourself to the bone.  Ahh, here we go!


Once I got home we took a walk outside.  I thought to myself, I get to see this beautiful sight anytime I want and It’s by my driveway.  Whose got it better than this?  Last night when I came home there were deer all around me. I got out of my car and walked to my apartment with several deer less than 20 feet from me.  I felt connected to the universe, life is good!

Sarah Hale Folger.home

So I realize that everyday is a gift so precious that it must be cherished. Daily I am connected to amazing people who inspire me, and I am so grateful that I am here on the planet at such a time as this.  Many sorrowful things have occurred recently to people I love; death, illness and the like.  I myself have traveled through such waters and I know this stream,  it’s underground currents drive us forward with a force to be reckoned with.  And I must say, I live for simplicity!  Enjoying the moment, gratitude for every little thing I can enjoy!  It may be a great meal shared with friends, a song that comes on the radio in traffic, or a phone call from an old friend. If I could say anything to anyone, I would say, “please don’t miss your special moments”!  It’s there all around you, beauty to be savored.

Hugs and hope for us all!

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2 Comments on “How a few days in Jamestown RI at my friend Tory’s store made me so happy!

  1. Sarah love you attitude of gratitude. If you live in a state of appreciating every day, good things happen. Live, Love, Learn–from everyone. Enjoyed reading your blog

    • Thank you so much for seeing my heart! My life journey is walking out my healing. There is certainly something to learn from everyone as you said. I love that you sent this to me, I am glad you like my blog!

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