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I started this blog last February by some compelling force inside of me saying it’s time. It’s time to speak, it’s time to communicate, it’s time to take the next step. It was not easy as in reality I am a very private person. But my skill set has always been in public arenas whether singing in bands, writing and directing theater, running a non-profit, public speaking and sitting on Boards. And as much as I wanted to go through life without controversy and in peace which I hoped to achieve by staying out of public view, my soul could not rest in what was for me complacency.

So after facing the hardest 2 years of my life in 2015-2016, I was determined to make a shift in 2017 which I promptly did on January 1st. I woke up and painted a giant painting for 8 hours straight, and I felt the fire burning in my belly for creativity to flow once again. But I was out on my own with no set plan. I went deep into introspection and challenged myself in areas never before challenged, I faced one fear after another until I learned the lessons that they could teach me. I changed my thinking so much that freedom was blossoming all around me and drawing me into it.

Introspection is a time period in your life that comes at pivotal moments when you have come to an impasse and don’t know which way to go. It’s at these times you must challenge what you believe and seek a higher knowledge. It is a time when you let go of the things that have been holding you back. You know them through pain. They are the thoughts that keep you up all night sweating, They are the mistakes you mourn then let go of through self forgiveness. They are the judgements you question that you’ve held onto for so long. They are the fears you face that once crippled you, you face them head on and you won’t take loss as an option.

This is what I did all through 2017. Simultaneously, I embarked on a new career following my passion and intuition, not knowing where it would lead, but these are the things that help you learn to trust your gut, and teach you about how others really think and operate. You learn who to align with and who to move on from. It’s your life, you must be the one who decides the path you will take.

And what a ride, what a fun, challenging exciting ride it has been, and all it took was a decision. I cognitively made the choices to bring me where I am. I am blessed to have a strong support system and that makes all the difference.

And so for all this, I am empowered to move on to the next step. I believe we should always be climbing upwards, gaining a higher perceptive. So I say this messy life as a human, which none of us are exempt from; is beautiful, not perfect,

So as 2018 arrives at midnight my souls cry is that we all grasp the truth that the best can always be next and should be. This is the one life we have to give and change the world around us for the better. My aim for 2018 is to embrace even more challenges and grow even faster than I did in 2017. I will  learn new skills, perfect others, inspire people along the way and reach for the heart and soul of humanity hoping that the best is yet to come for us all, for all those who choose to do the hard work it takes to break free from the things that are holding them back.

Folks if we all believed in our individual talents and skills enough to want to make them the best they can be, then we all must make a pact to challenge ourselves without excuses to get to the next level. The people in your lives are counting on you to become all you can be and so am I!!!

Please feel free to share with me your dreams, hopes and aspirations for 2018. It’s always good to find community that supports you in this way. And I would love your feedback and questions about things that challenge you, perhaps I may have a word or two for you!

So Happy New Year all around the world to my viewers! Thank you for staying with me and I hope to inspire you even more in the new year and to be inspired by you!!!!!!!

Sarah Folger 20170527 166 - Thank you and goodbye 2017!  My face is turned to you 2018, lets go everyone!

Hello to 2018

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