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I had an incredibly insightful conversation on a beautiful afternoon as I sat down for a one on one with Giovanni Feroce for The Sarah Hale Folger Project.  Like many people, I have read about his accomplishments and successes, especially in my home state of Rhode Island, where as the CEO of Alex & Ani, his leadership helped grow the company from $2.3 million in annual revenue to $230 million in 3 years.  I don’t know about you, but I wanted to get into the complex mind of Mr. Giovanni Feroce.

Feroce’s new venture as CEO of Benrus Corporation, which is a lifestyle brand with wristwatches as the core element, has drawn a lot of attention.  Where others saw only the decline of a once-dominant American manufacturing legend, Giovanni saw an opportunity. He purchased the BENRUS name and has transformed the company into a military-inspired lifestyle brand. However, Mr. Feroce has received some unfavorable press. Knowing that one way seems right until you hear the other side, I wanted to tap into that subject.  I wondered: how does someone like Giovanni Feroce navigate this media crisis, or any other crisis? Soon you will find out in his own words.

But there was so much more I wanted to know. How does someone become wildly successful? How does he mesh his military, political, and business skills together to achieve success?  I wanted the scoop on that!  So my first question was, Who is Giovanni Feroce?

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In my video interview coming out soon, you will hear personal stories from Giovanni about how he views the world from a business, political, military, and personal perspective. I believed this was a very honest and real glimpse into his life.

Personally, I am impressed by those who have the tenacity to go after their dreams and visions regardless of risk and whatever people might think.  Rhode Island has its share of movers and shakers, and Mr. Feroce certainly stands amongst them. Being somewhat of a strategic thinker myself, and having read many books on how military tactics translate into business practices, I found myself sitting with someone who has done this in real life, not just in theory.  I was eager to find out how having been in the military, as well as politics and business, formed Giovanni’s thinking. And you will find out in the upcoming video.

I am a big believer in the power of our thoughts and how they affect our own success or failure. What we believe we can or cannot do, determines if we will or will not succeed.  The ones who fearlessly press through life’s obstacles to achieve major success, therefore, are rare. In fact, it seems to me the majority of people will never risk leaving their comfort zone to try to reach for their dreams.  Something always seems to trip people up and they give up before they reach their goals.  I know, because I have done this to myself at times in my life. This is why I am so intrigued by someone who does not stop himself from moving forward towards success. What can we learn from this man’s life to inspire us to reach our own full potential?   It can be hard to relate to someone who does achieve his goals. Some may think it’s luck when someone meets with accomplishment. Nothing sums this up better than a quote from a book written by James Allen entitled As a Man Thinketh:

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“The thoughtless, the ignorant, and indolent, seeing only the apparent effects of things and not the things themselves, talk of law, of fortune, and chance. Seeing a man grow rich, they say, ‘How lucky he is!’ Observing another become intellectual they exclaim, ‘How highly favored he is!’ And noting the saintly character and wide influence of another, they remark, ‘How chance aids him at every turn!’ They don’t see the trials and failures and the struggles which these men have voluntarily encountered in order to gain their experience; have no knowledge of the sacrifices they have made, of the undaunted efforts they have put forth, of the faith they have exercised, that they might overcome the apparently insurmountable, and realize the vision of their heart. They do not know the darkness and the heart aches; they only see the light and the Joy, and they call it ‘luck’; do not see the longing arduous journey, but only behold the pleasant goal, and call it ‘good fortune’; do not understand the process, but only perceive the result, and call it ‘chance’.”

I think this quote, however harshly worded at first, speaks to the great sacrifices and hardships one must go through to be highly successful.  I suppose the good ones can make it look easy.

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What I perceive to be the key ingredient to Giovanni’s success is his 100% RISK tolerance. Where most will assess and walk away, he accepts the challenge and has the strength to believe in himself to get the job done even if the stakes are high. Paraphrasing his words, “If I ever ended up with just a bottle of water and $7.00, I would be okay, I  would just move on and start over again.”

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Another thing I learned about Giovanni is that he mentors others in their personal quests.  I got the feeling from my own encounter with Giovanni, that I was just as important in my quests as he is with his own.  To me, that is respect and honor.

When the video comes out you will hear, in Mr. Feroce’s own words, his advice for entrepreneurs, learn of some of his personal insights into life, and you will hear how he navigates his own troubled waters dealing with the issues and concerns associated with his business life. It’s a true mark of an individual how he or she deals with the bumps in the road. Does he react or respond? You be the judge. For my part, I listened and learned.

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I feel as though there are few people in the world who actually get to be in a position to affect the world on a large scale.  I love it when those people take the time to share their knowledge with the rest of us.  It’s a true mark of good character to be a giver of time, and this was certainly the case with Mr. Feroce. I get the feeling that his love of his family, his love of his country, his ambition in business, and his undying passion to do whatever it takes no matter in good times or bad, has truly inspired me and will certainly be enlightening to you as well.  Be on the lookout for the up-coming video.

I’ll end this blog with words I have heard him share from an old professor of his:  Three questions you must ask yourself to get to the next level in achieving your life purpose:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want to do with your life?
  3. Who do you want to do it with?

And he added another nugget, which you will have to wait to hear in the video!

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