img 0940 - It’s been such a long time

Decades have come and gone

Each had its lessons and memories

Some seemed to last an eternity

Others flew by

Youth does not understand

That it is over before you know it

Time stolen while grudges were held

And learning the meaning

Of love and friendship

Some can carry the anger, fear and hate

I could never house those things

Learning forgiveness

Learning to have power over evil

It’s no wonder so many get lost

As we all do for a time

To fall through the cracks

Land and live there

The world turns and shifts

We are unaware

Until the heart says

I want more

I want to be found

But wait- I must find myself

No more rescues

No more waiting

Time to make amends

Time to build dreams

Time to believe in the impossible

Having survived for so long

Now, those days are gone

I got it

I grasp the golden goblet

I stop running and turn around to see

An audience is not necessary

It is the wild skies

The wind upon the wastelands

Mixed with the waters of my intent

There is fertile ground yet

It must be tilled and planted

A harvest will come

And I will be surrounded by laborers

Not the least of whom is me

And we will clink glasses

As we celebrate the bounty

Plentiful it will be

More than my minds eye can see

Finally for me


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img 0932 - It’s been such a long time

4 Comments on “It’s been such a long time

  1. Your words are so timely for me. I truly understood and felt each phrase. I too look forward to the day of the harvest!. Thank you Sarah. I think you are an amazing woman.

    • Thank you Laura I’m so happy to hear this. Writing has become soul work for me and helps me move forward with my life. And it’s good to know it also touches someone else’s soul.

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