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Yesterday was Easter, the Christian celebration of Christ’s resurrection. For me the very essence of the meaning of the word is within itself a call to a spiritual experience, no matter who you are or what you believe.


  • the revitalization or revival of something.

    Revival, restoration, regeneration, revitalization, reinvigoration, renewal, reawakening, rejuvenation, stimulation, re-establishment, re-launch, reintroduction, reinstallation, reappearance, rebirth, renaissance, comeback

When I think about my losses, or the losses of those I know and love, I have to believe that with each of those losses there was an upside. Just as winter kills off the plant life, and fire burns away the forest, there is a strong since of death and loss. But when the sun warms the ground, the earth begins to swell with life again, and the charred remains of the forest begin to regrow. It is a cycle, a resurrection of sorts. I know we all hate loss, so much so, that we try to avoid it at all costs. When someone we know dies, when love dies, when opportunites are just beyond our grasp we suffer the stages of grief.

But then if we remember, and we don’t get stuck in our grief, we will see the sunshine down upon us, we will see the green stems popping through the blackened ground. And the truth should be told, that you will be stronger, you will be better than you were before. We cannot change the past, we must not live in it.

Years ago I read a story about a polar bear that had been in a cage so long it got cage paralysis. Basically, it just paced back and forth and stopped eating. The zoo keepers became quite worried and in a desperate attempt to save the bear, they airlifted it into the wilderness and lowered the cage down onto the ground. They opened the cage door and waited, but the bear refused to get out of its cage. It was in captivity so long its mind was not even open to being set free. They tried to entice it out by putting meat outside the cage a ways off, but the bear only paced in the cage. A long time came and went and eventually they realized the bear could not even see the natural landscape around it, would not believe he could be free. The sad ending was they had to put the bear down after all of that.

I hate to say it, but so often times I see people all around me who hold onto the past pain of loss so tightly, that they live as if in a mental cage, and even if they were offered freedom and a new life, they would not believe it was for them.

It is my hearts plea to anyone who may read this blog and be suffering under the weight of loss, that you take a leap of faith and believe that no matter the loss you have suffered, you can and will be resurrected! I must say though, that it comes first by you making the choice to want it, and then believing it is possible to have it. I know that it is possible, I beg you to believe it! The first order of business is a mental shift!

Remember this, there are always those who will want you to stay in the cage, who will remind you of your loss or even blame you for it. Stay away from those people and find a support system of those who can see you in a resurrected state of mind and cheer you on! People who wish you to stay in your caged thinking, are in their own cage and don’t even know it.

But for you, may you find revival, new life, may you be restored to health, to prosperity, to knowing love. May your gifts come back even stronger as your restoration takes place. May all you have learned serve to make you indomitable, one that cannot be subdued or overcome by fear. May your courage bring about a revitalization of all those in your path or who seek respite under your wings. May you wake up each day and be rejuvenated. When others fade and buckle under the weight of their ambitions, may you be reinstalled as one who leads others to a place of peace and hope, conquering all doubt and fear.

As you are relaunched into the world, may the reintroduction of your spirit create an avalanche of change in the very atmosphere of your presence. As all you have learned now takes on new meaning, and all you have done becomes reborn, may a renaissance be unleashed on what you set your sights to do. May others welcome your comeback as one would welcome the warm spring grass underfoot, or the sunshine that soaks into the heart of the land and causes it to spring forth with life.

May each and everyone of us be that light, be that hope, it just takes that first step of faith in your mind and heart, and it takes courage to embark on the journey. Be as the seed, which first must die and be buried in the ground. Then by some miracle, it awakens from the cold darkness it was abandoned to, and starts to break forth into a shoot of green that bursts above the ground and grows! Think of the acorn which has become the mighty oak tree! How many people swing from it’s branches or take refuge under them? The winds may come, and the winds may blow, the rain and snow may pour down upon it, but it is strong in purpose and will grow to it’s full glory. This is what resurrection means to me. And it is for anyone and everyone who wants it!

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