sarah watching bert play - Part 2 of my Conversation with RI Art Icon, Umberto Crenca.

This is Part 2, and the final video of my conversation with Umberto Crenca, Bert, from AS220.  One thing missing from my videos of my time spent with Bert, was our conversing about his music.  Bert and his wife and friends also like making music together in a group called Monkey Head.  While meandering around his music studio Bert played a couple of his instruments for us.  I am sure that if Bert and his band put some energy into it, and acquired some roadies, they will be back on track with their music.

bert monkee head - Part 2 of my Conversation with RI Art Icon, Umberto Crenca.

I am very honored to have had the time I spent with Bert to learn about his heart for artists, for humanity, and most poignantly for community.  Visit Bert’s website here: Bert’s website to stay in touch with what Bert is doing.  I am sure many thousands of people who have benefitted from Bert’s passion come to life at AS220 will be cheering for him on his personal journey now. Bert shows his work at various locations in the New England area.  Check out his website to find where he will be showing at a gallery near you. Thank you Bert!

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