Hey Friends, as I stated in my last blog, once I got my video interview completed with Giovanni Feroce, I would create a video post for my subscribers. So here it is.

For those who don’t know Mr. Feroce, he was the past CEO of Alex and Ani, a very successful jewelry company based here in Rhode Island.  Under Feroce’s leadership, he took the company from a 2.2 million dollar company to $230,000,000.00 in three years, and now is the CEO of Benrus Corporation. For me, interviewing Mr. Feroce was a great experience, because after reading countless articles and watching interviews about his successes and failures, I still had no idea who he was, and that’s what I was seeking to know.  How did a man with such a humble background get to where he is today? To me, that’s real the story.

Not only did he prove to be engaging, attentive, and informative, he helped me learn about his upbringing, his family, and the traits necessary to possess in order to achieve success on a large scale. To all you budding entrepreneurs seeking to fly high, I promise you will get insights into his world that will help as you seek your own successes.

Sometimes we all need people to inspire us to dig deeper, and Giovanni does just that.   Thank you Giovanni for your generous contribution to my think tank, it will fuel me for a long time!

I’m also excited to see how his new venture will grow.  The fact that Giovanni intends to make his products tie to something meaningful is something I’ve always believe in. He is a sentimental guy, and it reflects in his strategy to take this company to new heights.

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