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As a Conversational Marketing Expert, Video Marketer, Interviewer, Spokesperson and the Host of the Sarah Hale Folger Project, I have a lot to offer my clients. In today’s fast-paced world of ever-changing algorithms, my team and I work hard to stay on top of the latest ways of reaching the world on behalf of our clients. We become a part of your team and thereby enable you to see your story through the eyes of the outsider, the people you are trying to reach with your message.

After running a successful art’s organization, I moved on and took my skills in visual marketing, event planning, business development and creative consulting, to start my own brand called Sarah Hale Folger. I also have another company that does video marketing and content creation for online media called

As an artist and a musician/singer, a former theater writer, and director as well as actress, I am able to bring all this to the table and present to you an end product for your marketing that will serve you well.

If you simply have an inspiring story you want to tell, or you are in need of my marketing services, please email me. You can check out my website for more information at: My Website

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