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If you have a great untold story that is unique and interesting that would be entertaining to our viewers, please fill out the form with the story idea and contact information. Someone from the team will get back to you. ( Please note that I may not get to all of them, and many may not be picked due to the number of projects. If you are local, we can meet to create a video, and if you are not local and we have to travel, expenses must be provided.

How would I do this? I would interview you, and this can be done with video and documented with photos as well.  I would learn of your story and communicate this through a blog and share it on all my social media outlets as well.  This will promote your brand in a unique way and also be a fun and interesting experience.  You will receive the link to your interview for you to use on your social media sites or website.

Please email me if you are interested in collaborating with me.

Please Feel Free To Comment, Thanks!

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