When you live in Rhode Island, and the weather is consistently falling below zero with a wind chill that takes your breath away, the snow is piling up, and your place is freezing as the exchange between your windows and the outdoors is constant, you may find yourself doing what I did almost 2 weeks ago.

I was sitting with my partner Vic in our studio editing video, and we looked at each other and said, want to get away? We looked at our schedule and since much of our work could be done on the road we decided to leave in the morning.

And that is exactly what we did. We drove all the way through Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, Virginia, then we stopped for some sleep. Then we continued through Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and then crossed the border of Florida.


All the while we watched the temperature rise. We reached St. Augustine to stop for the day and night and it was 52 degrees. It was windy and still a bit colder than we hoped for, but we had a fun time visiting a National monument, the Castillo de San Marcos, which is the oldest masonry Fort in the United States.


We walked around the quaint town of St. Augustine and enjoyed ourselves. We had no real plan other than visiting my family eventually in Key West.

Next day we had a great brunch and moved onward passing through West Palm Beach and going on a drive by the most beautiful mansions and homes you can imagine. We discovered a beach entrance along the way and stopped to walk and sit on the beach for a while. The warmth was fabulous, it was in the low 70’s and just what the doctor ordered.



We moved on until we got to Miami, with no real destination point we kept on till we hit Collins Street on South Beach. The beach was beautiful, the people were active and the city never slept, but we did!! LOL.


We found a little friend napping. He didn’t seem to mind us taking his picture!


From there we headed to Key West to stay with my brother and visit my parents. This was to be valuable time spent for me seeing some of my family after so long. Key West is still recovering from Hurricane Irma damage, and that includes my brothers home. My parents and brother moved down to Key West after one of my 4 brothers, Barney’s passing in 1999.



Goodbye Miami! Hello Keys!

Hello Key West! Meet my parents, Trez and Jo, and my brother Jeremy!


Walking on Duval Street we meandered into Key West Gallery and met the staff and owner and a fantastic artist named Adam Scott Rote who we later came back to interview. (Interview coming soon)


Adam is an amazing artist to the stars and it was incredible hearing his story! More to come on him later!!


We woke up at my brothers to find this beautiful sunrise!!


And when the day starts with a rainbow like this, you know it will be great!


All good things end, we had to say goodbye and start our trek back towards home. It’s always hard to say goodbye.


We stopped in Daytona Beach and had a blast, it was 82 degrees, we had to stay another day!!

I now realize I want to be a snowbird, can anyone blame me?

On the road again… the clouds kept painting amazing skies!



Early morning car shots through New York!


I will miss Florida, I already miss the warmth, but I am home where I love to be.



All I know is that this was a well needed time away from winter and that I would certainly hope to become a snowbird somewhere in the near future!!

Sometimes you just have to jump and make things happen for yourself. The alternative is waiting for the perfect time, which will never come. I love spontaneous living!!! I hope you take a leap of faith and do something for yourself too!!!


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