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Check those guns out…Mine! LOL!

Here is how this went down.  We had set out to have a lifestyle blogger day and have some fun on a beautiful spring afternoon.  We took some awesome nature shots and ended up at a restaurant bar and had a couple of beers.  Then, in walks this huge muscular biker guy full of tattoos and built like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I said to Vic, I bet I could beat this guy in an arm wrestling match and he chuckled at my delusional, boasting comment.  So, I thought to myself, “that feels like a challenge to me” and of course I had to ask this nice guy if he would arm wrestle me, LOL. I realized that all day we had been looking for a moment that could spark my next blog. I knew this was it, something really outside the box! So when I challenged Mr. Muscles to a match and he accepted, we were in business! And when he asked if I was serious, it was awesome because I think, for just one second, he may have been a little intimidated by guns!  LOL!

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Of course we all had a great laugh and Mr. Muscles introduced us to his biker friends who were up for a photo shoot. Vic always has his camera ready for spontaneous moments like this, so sure enough, it was photo opt time! The bottom line was, we got to meet some really great and fun people. I don’t know about you, but moments like this are rare, and when they show themselves, I feel as though it’s a smile from Heaven.

The ladies in the group came over and we took this photo with our new friend. These ladies definitely knew how to have fun and live in the moment!  Being on a motorcycle is just a normal part of their life. Lucky ladies!

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Then the rest of the Biker Boyz came over and posed with me for my blog! What a crazy, fun and awesome time we had. They were really nice people. Thanks folks for this super fun, spontaneous moment. I love people who are game for adventure.

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I think their is a point to this blog, and it is that, “it’s better to look back on life and say I can’t believe I did that, rather than to look back and say I wish I had done that.” And as I finish this blog, I have to confess that this day had not been an easy one starting off.  We all live on this planet where things can get complicated and hard.  This wild moment was really a gift.  It showed me that complete strangers can show up in your life, make you laugh and let you into their lives for just a little while, for no other reason than they are looking for the same thing you are, which is a little happiness.  It’s these unexpected moments in my life I love.  It’s like hitting a reset button.  I want to point out that if I never challenged Mr. Universe to a contest, and taken the risk of being considered crazy, I never would have had this moment.  How many times do you get an idea and not act on it?  Maybe it is in those times, unique to each of us, that we will find sparks that light us up and fuel our tanks for another day.

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  1. living life everyday day every way, be the gal THEY talk aboutbecause THEY are not living life. BIG hugs to you

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